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Kontakt Chemie has been the leading manufacturer of technical sprays for the electronics industry for more than 60 years. During that time, it has evolved beyond electronics to develop a range of high-quality products for all types of electrical and electronic goods.

From the beginning, Kontakt Chemie ‘Kontakt 60’ was a breakthrough innovation and a huge success in Germany. Since then, many other products have followed, and the firm’s reputation for performance and efficiency has continued to grow. So much so that today, it’s become unthinkable to develop, maintain and repair electrical and electronic goods without using Kontakt Chemie products.

Now part of CRC Industries, a world leading manufacturer of technical aerosols, Kontakt Chemie products benefit from increased in-house research & development resources, as well as more manufacturing capacity. This ensures Kontakt Chemie products continue to meet the high standards of quality and performance demanded by technicians all over the world.

Kontakt Chemie - maximises electronics performance.

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