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Gardens can look just as stunnning in autumn and winter as they do in the warmer days of the year, provided you have the right tools to maintain your outdoor space. At CPC, we aim to provide you with all the products you need to tackle any gardening or landscaping task at any time of year, no matter how big or small. From weed killers to chainsaws, and from lawn care to garden shredders, we've got the lot to help your garden look great all year round.

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Some interesting questions…

The easiest way to look after and maintain your chainsaw is to simply apply some chainsaw oil. The oil will help minimise chain wear. You can view our chainsaw oil by clicking here.

There is no specific time recommended as it depends on the conditions and time of year. Always take into consideration the temperature and dryness of the lawn. Do not mow the lawn if it is wet or damp – that will often rule out early morning as there will often be dew on the grass. Also, do not mow the lawn when the sun is at its peak and beating down on as the grass will be photosynthesising and trying to keep moisture in; mowing it will result in weakening the grass and speeding up moisture loss.

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is designed for use with outdoor electrical equipment in order to protect you against electric shock. Sockets used for corded outdoor power tools like lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, for example, should have RCD protection. It could save your life.

After use, make sure your tools are always clean before putting them away. A simple hose down, before drying with a rag or cloth should be the least you do to help maintain your tools. As with most metals, adding lubrication in the form of oil will help prevent rust and make them last even longer. We have a range of rust protection sprays and remedies available, which you can view here.