Raspberry Pi 5

NEW Raspberry Pi 5

A Redefined Experience

We are super-excited to be welcoming the new Raspberry Pi 5 to CPC. For the first time, this is a full-size Raspberry Pi computer using silicon, built in-house at Raspberry Pi. The RP1 "southbridge" provides the bulk of the I/O capabilities for Raspberry Pi 5, and delivers a step change in peripheral performance and functionality.
Alongside a substantial uplift in graphics performance from an 800MHz VideoCore VII GPU; dual 4Kp60 display output over HDMI; and state-of-the-art camera support from a rearchitected Raspberry Pi Image Signal Processor, it provides a smooth desktop experience for all, and opens the door to new applications for industrial customers.

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Raspberry Pi 5!

With its lightning-fast performance and an array of powerful features, this single-board computer is your gateway to endless opportunities. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an avid DIYer, or a professional developer, the Raspberry Pi 5 has something incredible in store for you.
Unleash Your Imagination: Raspberry Pi 5 offers a blazing quad-core processor and an impressive 8GB RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and seamless performance. Dive into the world of gaming, build your own media centre, or run complex software effortlessly.
Connectivity Beyond Limits: Say goodbye to limitations with a range of connectivity options, including USB-C, HDMI, and Gigabit Ethernet. Whether you're connecting to peripherals or setting up your own mini server, the Raspberry Pi 5 has got you covered.
Eco-Friendly Innovation: The energy-efficient design of the Raspberry Pi 5 ensures you can do more while consuming less power. Make a positive impact on the environment and reduce your electricity bills simultaneously.


Versatile Projects Made Simple

Craft, Code, and Create with Raspberry Pi 5!
Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and creativity? The Raspberry Pi 5 is your trusted companion, allowing you to bring your unique projects to life effortlessly. Explore a world of endless possibilities and turn your wildest ideas into reality.
Smart Home Hub: Transform your living space into a smart home with Raspberry Pi 5. Control lights, thermostats, and security systems from your smartphone, making your life more convenient and secure.
Retro Gaming Console: Nostalgia meets modernity! Raspberry Pi 5 lets you build your retro gaming console with your favourite classic games. Relive those memorable moments with a new twist.
Educational Excellence: Raspberry Pi 5 is the perfect tool for learning and teaching programming. Dive into coding, robotics, or IoT projects, and watch your skills flourish.

Compact, Affordable, and Future-Ready

Raspberry Pi 5 redefines what's possible in a small, affordable package. Here's why it's the smartest choice for tech enthusiasts, makers, learners, educators, and professionals:
Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Raspberry Pi 5 provides incredible computing power without breaking the bank. Experience the performance of high-end computers at a fraction of the cost.
Endless Software Support: The Raspberry Pi community is robust and thriving. You'll have access to a vast library of software, projects, and online support, making your journey a breeze. Discover the whole Raspberry Pi range here.
Sustainability at Heart: Choose a product that aligns with your eco-friendly values. Raspberry Pi 5's low power consumption and long lifespan are perfect for those who care about the planet.

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