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It's probably fair to say that batteries are an essential for any workplace or household, given the amount of technology that we are now surrounded with. Whether it's the TV remote control, children's toys or the smoke alarm, there are loads of everyday items that require batteries.

At CPC we stock a vast array of options to suit almost any device, including AAA, AA, 9V, lithium button cell, rechargeable batteries and power tool batteries, plus many more. So, no matter which battery type you need, CPC will have the solution for you.

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Most batteries are available as bulks packs, multi-packs or individual packs and are suitable for use in commercial and residential settings. Manufacturers include the likes of Duracell, GP Batteries, Pro Elec and Energizer; all of which are designed to give you long-lasting power.

Our bulk packs offer exceptional value and are well worth checking out if you are in a commercial setting or have lots of high drain devices. Pro Elec supply certain battery types in packs of 100 to give you the greatest value possible.

AAA and AA Rechargeable Batteries

AAA and AA rechargeable batteries are ideal for high drain applications, offering high capacity retention for products like digital cameras and remote controlled toys. Lithium button cell batteries are designed for some watches, calculators and computer applications and can be purchased as single batteries or in packs.
We have a super selection of power tool batteries to go with our incredible range of power tools. Dewalt, Makita, Einhell, Bosch and Duratool all have rechargeable batteries featuring lithium-ion technology to provide high-performance, and even more power and operating time.

No matter what battery you need, CPC can provide you with long-life, great value solutions to ensure your devices maintains its performance.