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Ensuring good ventilation, while maintaining clean, sterile working and living environments is as important now, as it ever has been.
In order to reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading it is vital that rooms don't become stagnant; maintaining an air-flow can help remove bacteria and other living microorganisms, while ventilation helps limit moisture, so check out our range of air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers below.

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Some interesting questions…

Pedestal fans generally come on a height-adjustable stand and can be positioned at a height suitable to the user's requirements, while Tower fans normally have a long rectangular outlet, with the bottom part positioned closer to the floor.

Once air has been drawn into the unit, the air conditioner compresses and liquefies it before cooling the air in a condenser and allowing it to expand through an evaporator. The unit then re-circulates the air into the room in a cooler state, or at a warmer temperature if using the air conditioning unit in reverse mode. Simple!

Working in a similar way to a thermostat, a humidistat will trigger the dehumidifier to start working once humidity levels reach a certain point.

Air coolers and air conditioners will often have oscillating louvres, which move allowing the air to be directed in different directions rather than solely on a fixed point.

BTU is a unit of energy, which stands for British thermal units. One BTU relates to the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1°F. Energy is more commonly measured in Joules with one BTU equivalent to approximately 1055 joules. Wish you'd never asked? Thought so.

It's a discrete fan designed for use at your desk, which plugs into the USB port on your PC or laptop. It takes up less room than a conventional desk fan and is a cost-effective way of keeping cool at work. You can view our selection of USB desk fans by clicking here.