Weller is a leading brand of Soldering, Rework and Fume Extraction Equipment, inspired by ongoing technological developments to create products that are innovative and designed for the future. Customers throughout the world recognise Weller's expertise in Soldering and Desoldering, BGA/QFP/SMT Repair, Hot Air Technology,, and Fume Extraction.
Weller's extensive product range, which includes lead-free soldering technology solutions, showcases its commitment to innovation. With a variety of soldering accessories, such as micro soldering irons equipped with high-speed regulation and inert gas hand soldering tools, Weller addresses the evolving demands of both industrial soldering and hobbyists. Their trend-setting products, from soldering stations to cordless soldering irons, reflect Weller's dedication to providing soldering help through advanced solder wire techniques and soldering systems.

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