At the VELCRO® Brand, it’s our mission to make everyday projects easier! We’re proud to say that we’re the original manufacturer of the hook and loop fastener and whatever your DIY or craft project, our tape, strips, straps and ties are here to help!

Working on a home DIY project? Swap nails and screws for VELCRO® Brand tape – this industrial strength tape is twice as strong as standard hook and loop fasteners and perfect for securing large and heavy items without drilling.

Want to be more organised? Check out our range of VELCRO® Brand Ties and Straps – they’re strong, easy to adjust and completely reusable.

And for the gardeners amongst you? Check out our range of VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties. They’re softer on stems than wire and string, easy to adjust, and perfect for giving plants and trees the support they need.

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