Product Recalls

Important safety information

From time to time, CPC are notified by our suppliers of recalls that affect products that they have supplied to us. This page lists those that have been received recently - click on the link to go to the information we have received. Please note that you should follow the advice given in the recall as we do not have any additional information to that contained in the Recall Notice.
CPC Product CodesBrandModel NumberDescriptionInformationReplace / Refund
SR11036QVISDVRLOCKBOXDVR Lock Box with Fan 21x21x8PDFPDF
SR11460KIDDECAVIUS 4002 / CV4002Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarmPDFN/A
HE364963M™X4A, X4B, X4P3, X4P5, X4P513M™ PELTOR™ X4 Series EarmuffsPDFN/A
PL10044ProElecPELB16484-Gang Mains Extension Cable with RCDPDFN/A
LH05492Funtime Gifts LtdEG7930World's Smallest MicroscopePDFPDF
AP03556LabgearMOD121Labgear MOD121 RF ModulatorPDFPDF
CS28768Trust20430Puntero Laser PointerPDFPDF
LA07869, LA07870, LA07871PRO-ELECPEL01281, PEL01282, PEL01283LED Floodlight with PIRPDFPDF
CS31999, CS32005, CS32002, CS32000, CS32001, CS32006, CS32007, CS32526, CS32003, CS32004, CS32008, CS32009, CS32525AerocoolAC60, AC80, AC120, AC220, Project 7Gaming ChairsPDFN/A
N/ABoschPSS 2, PSS 20, PSS 190, PSS 200, PSS 250 and PSS 2000 seriesPower Tools - SandersPDFN/A
PW03051MWMWUSB3UK BLACKUSB Power Supply, 5V 2.1A, BlackPDFForm
PL12249MK (Electric)K7673SP12 Way Populated CU 6X RCBOSPDFN/A
DP34258, DP34259, DP34260, DP34496, DP34499, DP34500W AudioEPX300, EPX500, EPX800, EPX 2200, XTR1000, XTR1500Power Amplifier Range – Mains Power LeadPDFForm
TL13626BoschGWS 20, GWS 22, GWS 24, PWS 20, PWS 1900 and PWS 2000Power Tools - Angle GrindersLinkN/A
SB06597Prestigio13.3" VISCONTE ECLIPTICA 2-IN-1 LAPTOP Mains Power UnitPDFN/A
FF02521, FF01639, FF01640-44TE ConnectivityTE W28-xxxx SeriesCircuit BreakerPDFN/A
LA06081, LA06082, LA06083, LA06084, LA06085, LA06086V-TACVT-607 SQ 4863, VT-607 SQ 4864, VT-608 SQ 4865, VT-607 RD 4854, VT-607 RD 4855, VT-607 RD 48566W LED Panel DownlightPDFN/A
LP10861, LP10862, LP10863112-001, 113-001, 114-111ULTILUX 14.4W RGB SMD 12V Strip KitPDFN/A
PL13177, PL13178, PL13179SMJRFE1TC, RFE3TC, RFEARCRemote Power SocketsPDFPDF
LA05819, LA05818, LA05817EternaT8LED16, T8LED20, T8LED24LED Wall Mountable LED Batten LightsPDFN/A
IN06687, IN06688, IN06689FlukeFLUKE-T110, FLUKE-T110/VDE, FLUKE-T130, FLUKE-T130/VDE, FLUKE-T150, FLUKE-T150/H15, FLUKE-T150/VDE, FLUKE-T150VDE/H15Voltage TestersPDFN/A
LA06060V-TACVT-605 RD 4904Panel Light LED Round 3000K Surface 6WPDFN/A
LA06087, LA06088, LA06089, LA06090, LA06091, LA06092V-TACVT-1207 SQ 4866, VT-1207 SQ 4867, VT-1207 SQ 4868, VT-1207 RD 4857, VT-1207 RD 4858, VT-1207 RD 485912W LED Panel DownlightPDFN/A